Tacos Cancun is a Familly Owned Deli, We are most famous for authentic Homemade Mexican food with recipes from ,Oaxaca Mexico

20 north Main St Lambertville Nj 08530

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  • Tacos

    Traditional Mexican dish is a Cord tortilla folded or rolled around a filling, you choice Alpastor ,Enchilada Carme Azada, Chorizo , Suadero Lengua Pollo Topped With onions, cilantro and sauce on de side.

  • Enchiladas Oaxaquenas

    Corn tortilla Rolled Around a filling with your choice ..

    Topped with Mole ( oaxaca Slyle), covered with sour cream, queso fresco , a touch of onions and tomato


  • Fajitas

    A Favourite for Everyone Chicken or Beef .

    Tender Strips of your choice Onions Peppers , Pan fried. served with tortillas